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Born For This - Monumentour

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Ezreal~ | 綠茶茶

By: 温香

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Games are starting to come out and I still don’t have money.


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Kingdom Hearts 3 + Sora jumping


Maybe I should sing it back to you.

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The coyote who carries the river is a piece of headworld folklore I’ve developed surrounding Ruanhai’s main waterway.

In a time of great drought, there was a coyote who was so confident in his ability to find water in the ground, he boasted to the sky he did not need to rely on the rain for his drink.The coyote who cackled at the god of rain was made to carry a river on his back. Cursed by this god of fertility, wherever he ran Ruanhai’s river was left in his footsteps, and as he paced its canyon was worn into the earth itself.

Kind of a cheap ‘ahaha look we can explain desert geography’ sort of myth. It originated in Ruanhai’s Marazuli culture and is shared by many storytellers as a piece of local lore. There is a bit of superstition surrounding the coyote of the river, many nomadic traders believe him to be an angry spirit of some form or another. Often storytellers from their troops will weave their own tales of him as they tell the original legend. Those who claim to spot him have often mentioned glowing orbs and glimpses of a coyote by the water with heavy cataracts in each eye. Some say he had the river strapped to his back, some say tied, others claim it has been fused in place of his missing tail, and many just leave it up to imagination. I say the hell with it let’s strap this baby on with bark and moss/algae and shit, we’re by the water anyway this is fertility god stuff.

Anyway this was a fun little muse! I might draw him again in the future c:

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