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It’s Worlds time, boys and girls!

Here is my Pick’em Play’em predictions for All Groups!

I think Samsung knocking out SKT T1 was a fucking showstopper and I think they have what it takes to take the cup. I don’t think AHQ has what it takes to make it and Edward Gaming has a really fantastic team. I don’t know enough about Dark Passage to really talk about them.

Taipei Assassins takes 3rd because their entire team got stripped and reworked. Now, arguably, you can say the same about TSM. But in the end, TSM managed to win over C9 in the last match of NA Split to take the #1 seed which, again, a complete showstopped that stunned everyone. But Royal Club is really fantastic. TSM has rough competition but I can safely say they can beat out SK Gaming at the very least.

Fnatic and LMQ have nothing against OMG of Samsung Blue. Simple as that. Fnatic is fucking fantastic, yes. But they haven’t gotten great spotlight even though they were Season 1 Champs. LMQ won’t beat them. OMG had massive success in previous Championship series but their toughest competition is Blue.

C9 takes 2nd because, even though they’re in Group D - they’re still a fantastic team. Alliance is really really good and that’ll be a tough one for them to pull over but I honestly do not feel like they have what it takes to knock out the #1 prediction with Shield.

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